About Us

Lanier Community Garden is located at 2547 Buford Dam Road, Buford, GA, 30518 on the Gwinnett County property of the Lanier Water Filter Plant.  Watch a video of the garden below…

Who and What We Are

The garden is an all-volunteer membership organization with the purpose to provide residents a place to grow fruit, herbs, vegetables and flowers for their families, as well as to support the local food banks and other charitable organizations. There are 79 garden plots, comprised of 26 organic and 53 traditional plots. There are two size plots: large 20’x 20′ or small 20′ x 8.5′ .  There is an annual fee of $45.00 for large plots and $22.50 for small plots. The garden plots are offered on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to Gwinnett County residents.  In order to offer plots to as many citizens as possible, only one plot per family will be allowed.

The community garden is divided into ten sections, with a Plot Captain that oversees each section. The plot captains are a great asset to gardeners where they offer their assistance, encouragement, advice and the monitoring of plots in their section.  There are nine water stations located in different areas of the garden where garden hoses are attached. It is important to observe water conservation rules as we are responsible to pay the water bill each month.

Food Bank Plots

There are two Food Bank Plots located in the garden, which are maintained by volunteer gardeners. All vegetables grown in the food bank plots are donated directly to the North Gwinnett Food Cooperative Ministries in Buford, GA and gardeners may also contribute directly from their own plot.  Each year, the garden donates hundreds of pounds of fresh vegetables to the cooperative.  We ask garden members to contribute any extra vegetable seeds or seedlings for the Food Bank Plots.

Children’s Garden

There is also a special Children’s Garden located on site.  There are classes offered to children of the community from ages 5 to 12.  Click here for information and the application.

How to Join

If you are interested in becoming a member of Lanier Community Garden, please go to the Membership Section to download and complete the Membership Application and mail it with the fee to the Membership Coordinator to be assigned a plot.  We recommend you e-mail or call the Membership Coordinator to check on plot availability or more information. If no plots are available, you can mail your application (without the fee) to be placed on the waiting list.  See the Membership Section for contact information.  Garden plots are available on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to Gwinnett County residents.

Membership and Meetings

The garden is an all-volunteer group, with a Board of Directors overseeing the general operation.  All of the activities, planning, upkeep, etc. is done by the general membership, who donate their time and effort to make it a great community garden.

We encourage members to attend the important annual Spring and Fall meetings. At the annual Fall meeting renewal applications are accepted, as well as voting on the election of the board members, By-Law changes, and other garden business. The deadline to renew all garden plots is October 31st of each year.  Each plot holder is asked to contribute a minimum of two hours toward various projects and clean-up days at the garden to retain membership, as well as agree to abide by all rules and regulations.

The community garden owns a heavy-duty tiller, which is maintained by one of the gardeners who tills plots each spring and fall for a $15.00 fee.

Due to security of this facility, the garden access gate is locked and only accessible to registered members of the garden. Only gardeners who have signed the required paperwork are permitted entrance into the garden area.

Onsite Resources

The annual fee pays for several items:

  • Water – the garden has nine watering stations throughout the garden.  At each station or multiple faucets and hoses for general use.  The water is on during the Spring/Summer growing season, typically late-March through October.
  • Restroom – located on the garden site is a private, garden-use only porta-potty.  This is provided from April through October.
  • Dumpster – new for 2016!  As an added convenience, we will be providing a dumpster for our use.  It will have weekly pick-ups and will be available April-October.

In addition, the garden has a collection of gardening tools, wheelbarrows, small tiller, and lawn mowers, all for general use.  Gardeners need provide their own hand gardening tools, and all their own plants, seeds, fertilizers, weed and pest control, soil amendments, stakes, and other gardening supplies.